Uniform Patrol

The Uniform Patrol Division answers calls for service, provide traffic safety enforcement, and provide proactive community patrols.

Major Oliver Fladrich

Major Fladrich oversees the Uniform Patrol Division including:

  • Day Shift Patrol
  • Night Shift Patrol
  • Crime Response Team (CRT)
  • Domestic Assault Team (DART)
  • Prisoner Transport
  • Ride-Along Program

The largest division of the Dunwoody Police Department, the Uniform Patrol Division includes 32 Officers, seven Sergeants, two Lieutenants, one Major, and two civilian Prisoner Transport Officers. The Uniform Patrol Division is comprised of two 12-hour shifts. In addition to responding to calls for service, the Uniform Patrol Division works to proactively patrol the neighborhoods and business areas as a deterrent to crime.

The Day Shift patrols from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is managed by Lieutenant William Furman. You can contact Lieutenant Furman at 678-382-6920 or william.furman@dunwoodyga.gov. The Night Shift patrols from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and is managed by Lieutenant Patrick Krieg. You can contact Lieutenant Krieg at 678-382-6908 or patrick.krieg@dunwoodyga.gov.

Uniform Patrol Division
The Uniform Patrol Division responds to calls for service throughout Dunwoody. To aid in efficient response, the City of Dunwoody is divided into three patrol zones. The Uniform Patrol Division responds to a variety of calls for service in a typical day. The most common calls for service include auto accidents, false alarms, and reports of criminal activity. The responding officer is responsible for initiating criminal investigations through observation and field interviews, making arrests of criminal suspects, and documenting their actions for further investigation by detectives.  If you are interested in gaining a firsthand experience of the Uniform Patrol Division, consider applying to participate in the Ride-Along Program.

Crime Response Team
In an effort to quickly address emerging crime trends and problem areas, the Dunwoody Uniform Patrol Division includes a Crime Response Team (CRT). The CRT consists of three officers and one sergeant working as a unit. Through the CRT, the Uniform Patrol Division is able to direct resources to a specific problem without diverting patrol officers from responding to calls for service. The CRT works to deter crime through proactive enforcement and directed enforcement as trends emerge. Contact the CRT through Sergeant Harold Nelson at 678-382-6904 or harold.nelson@dunwoodyga.gov.

Domestic Assault Response Team
In an effort to further assist victims of domestic violence, the Uniform Patrol Division includes a Domestic Assault Response Team (DART). DART is comprised of seven officers and one supervisor. Each member of the DART has received at least 40 hours of training through the Peace Officer’s Standards and Training for Response to Domestic Violence. A DART member reaches out to each victim of domestic violence to ensure he or she is aware of available resources for assistance. Visit the Domestic Assault Response Team page for more information about responding and recovering from domestic violence incidents.

Patrol Major Oliver Fladrich

Major Oliver Fladrich

Patrol Division

Direct: 678-382-6905

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