Alcohol Licenses
An alcohol privilege license is required for any establishment selling or serving alcohol beverages within the city. Wholesalers or importers in alcoholic beverages, who are licensed by the State and have a place of business in the city, are also required to obtain an alcohol privilege license. 

Business Licenses 
To operate a business in Dunwoody, you must have a current occupational tax certificate, commonly referred to as a business license. Other permits and licenses may also be required, depending on what type of business you plan to operate. 

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Obtaining a Business License

Planning to open a business in the City of Dunwoody? The city of Dunwoody can help you prepare for future success. Whether your business is home-based or considering a property lease or ownership location, a critical first step is to first determine what’s needed to ensure your business will be in compliance with all codes and ordinances.

The City of Dunwoody offers resourceful and timesaving tools that can help your business get started. 

To learn more, watch a short video explaining the Business Licensing Process.