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Tilly Mill Road at North Peachtree Road

The intersection at Tilly Mill Road and North Peachtree Road will be the first intersection improvement to be designed and constructed as a result of the city’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan.  It was determined to be a high priority based on community input and the existing poor level of service. 

This intersection and surrounding area manages traffic from five arterial and collector roads of Dunwoody, providing access to and from neighborhoods and destinations such as Georgia Perimeter College and several area public schools.  As a result of these high volumes and known traffic patterns, the intersection of North Peachtree with Peeler Road will also be incorporated into this project with the addition of a traffic signal that will be synchronized with the existing signal at Tilly Mill and North Peachtree.  The improvements to this intersection will reduce the average wait time experienced at these duel intersections.

Design elements such as new sidewalks and bike lanes, additional turn lanes, and pedestrian refuge islands will all improve the safety and flow of these two related intersections.  Aesthetically pleasing traffic signal mast arms will replace the existing strung signal heads, enhancing the character of this area of Dunwoody. 

The construction scope also includes  improvements to existing stormwater infrastructure such as pipes and detention facilities to improve downstream conditions.  Relocation of existing utility infrastructure, including the replacement of DeKalb County's water main through this intersection will also be incorporated into this construction.   These activities require tree removal outside of the construction limits outside of the roadway improvements.  The city will replace trees per its No Net Loss of Trees policy.

Current Project Phase – Construction

There has been far-reaching progress on the project which has required extensive work to construct a new stormwater detention pond, relocation of numerous utilities as well as various field adjustments in order to properly place underground and overhead service lines as part of this complex project. The construction project is expected to take approximately 16 months to fully complete. Weather permitting, the project is expected to be finished in Spring 2017.

To receive email updates on this project, send an email to with "Tilly Mill Rd @ N. Peachtree Rd" in the subject line.  




April 2017 Update


The recently completed overnight paving work and continuous operations permitted expedited project delivery and helped advance the anticipated completion of the first phase of paving known as “leveling.” The construction activities at the intersection project at Peeler Rd./North Peachtree Rd./Tilly Mill Rd. are still ongoing and crews are continuing work on the site. 


In the coming weeks, crews will continue sidewalk installation throughout the project area and conduct residential driveway installations. The city will work with individual residents on driveway installations to help coordinate access and scheduling. Crews will also work to install traffic signals, put in sod (throughout the project area and at the entrance to Brook Run Park) and begin additional site restoration activities.


Additional work is planned in order to appropriately address the street surface area, stormwater runoff needs and the sidewalk and pedestrian crossings throughout the intersection project area. The city anticipates completion of the intersection improvement project in May 2017. 



While project work is dependent upon weather conditions, specific construction operations in the coming weeks offer several advantages. 

The city anticipates the potential for an additional future weekend paving operations to permit the installation of the final topping course for the project surface.  A future notice will be distributed as soon as scheduling details are coordinated. 

Travel delays and lane closures can be expected during the weekend work period and crews will be on hand to ensure safe passage through the construction area.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact the City of Dunwoody Project Team via email at or by phone 678-382-6850.

The construction project is expected to take approximately 16 months to fully complete. Weather permitting, the project is expected to be finished in Spring 2017.


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