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10/11/2013Dunwoody Charter Commission Final Report

Dunwoody Charter Commission

Final Report



The Charter Commission, “Commission,” reviewed the City of Dunwoody Charter from May through September, 2013 reviewing each Charter Section in linear order, first to last, to avoid missing any Section. We adopted the 'rule of finality,' thus assuring once a matter was decided it could not come up for reconsideration without compelling new evidence to support a change. That rule was applied to Commissioners and Public alike.

The City Clerk publicized and advertised all meetings according to applicable Open Meetings laws. Commission meetings were open to the public and we encouraged involvement by providing larger meeting facilities, as needed. Public comments are shown in Appendix C.


The Commission adopted Rosenberg's Rules of Order, an abbreviated, yet robust form of Robert's Rules of Order, especially suited for work-groups. This change enabled the Commission to effectively run its' meetings without any member having deep knowledge of Robert's Rules of Order.


Charter Review RecomendationsThe graph at left numerically depicts all “presentments” and those that are included as recommended changes to the Charter. This report presents these changes in order of importance, as agreed by the Commission.


Several observations are clear to the Commission for future Charter Review. We recommend that one or two public meetings are held to educate the public on the scope of Charter Commission business. Early into our process we observed that many citizens were speaking at our meetings about topics that were not under the purview of the Commission.


As well, Charter Review's ought to occur independently of any City election to avoid undue political influence to the process. We researched Palm Coast, Florida, incorporated 1999, to find their Final Report is due well in advance of any City elections.


Finally, the Review process benefited the City of Dunwoody by focusing attention to the need for better and more frequent communication between the City, elected officials, and the public. The City of Dunwoody is currently contemplating its first ever 'Town Hall,” without any Charter changes.


Click HERE to download complete report. (14MB)

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