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The Dunwoody Police Department, in conjunction with the community, is adopting the “A Child Is Missing” program.  This federally funded program will involve the citizens of Dunwoody in locating missing children up to 18 years old, the elderly (often with Alzheimer’s or Dementia), college students on campus, and the disabled.  Once ACIM has been alerted by a Dunwoody police officer, the company will map the area and send out a recorded message to all residents in the vicinity.  ACIM will send out 100 to 5,000 messages, depending on the search area.  ACIM will not contact unlisted numbers or cell phones.  If you would like to add your private phone number, please go to:  http://www.achildismissing.org and click on “Click here to add yourself to the Alert Database”.  These numbers are strictly for ACIM use and will not be given out.  Thank you for your participation.

If you would like to opt out of this service, please e-mail info@achildismissing.org and provide your Name, Address and Phone Number.  ACIM will remove you from their list.