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Lock,Take,Hide signThe Dunwoody Police Department has initiated its Lock, Take, Hide program to help reduce the amount of entering auto crimes within the City. Lock, Take, Hide signs are being placed in parking lots near business and property owners to remind patrons to lock their vehicle, take their car keys and hide their belongings inside the vehicle.

“Criminals rarely break into a car when there are no visible valuables. Instead, they look in cars and break in the ones where they see some potential reward for their risk. Entering autos are almost always crimes of opportunity. If you lock your car, take your keys, and hide your belongings you reduce your risk of becoming a victim,” says Chief Billy Grogan.

A limited supply of Lock, Take, Hide signs are available, free of charge, to all business or property owners in the City of Dunwoody who maintain a public parking lot. Any business or property owner who would like to obtain these signs may contact Sergeant M. Carlson at (678) 382-6907 mike.carlson@dunwoodyga.gov , or Officer T. Fecht at (678) 382-6917 timothy.fecht@dunwoodyga.gov.