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Smart Recycling Program

The City of Dunwoody Sustainability Committeen, in partnership with the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce, is proud to promote commercial recycling through a voluntary community program called Smart Recycling. As an effort to leverage existing business sustainability efforts, the program will provide an incentive to work towards reducing our waste stream and to take advantage of the many options available for commercial recycling in Dunwoody. These options range from small scale employee led recycling efforts to hiring a commercial hauler to pick up at your business. A Recycling is Smart Business Brochure is available that serves as a quick guide for anyone interested in getting started with commercial recycling.


In addition to a small window decal that participants can display at their business, an outstanding or unique Smart Recycling participant that is a member of the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce will be highlighted quarterly on the program website and other media outlets such as Facebook and the local press. If you would like to take part in this great opportunity to help make a more resource efficient Dunwoody Community, please fill out an Enrollment Form to tell us about your recycling efforts.


Please visit the link to the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce website above to view complete program information and a list of participants. If you have any comments or questions about the program or participants, please email us at


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