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Welcome to Dunwoody's Code Corner

Helping the Public Understand Code Compliance Operations


Because property rights are some of the most valued and protected components of the United States Constitution, each community has established laws and statutes describing how code compliance operations must function. These laws are not only designed to protect property owners, business owners, and individuals against unconstitutional activity on the part of the government but also provide government entities with a set of guidelines to abate, correct, and remove non-compliant activities that might impact the well-being of the community's citizens. "Code Corner" serves as the City's portal to the citizens of Dunwoody for preserving such rights.

When you hear about “civic code,” the first thing to come to mind might be forms, laws, and compliance, however, many times, code matters pertain to common and not-so-common parts of everyday life, as well as the City’s planning, zoning, and building regulations.

The general administration of code matters is provided by the City’s Community Development Department, the goal of which is to promote and protect the City and its residents through the use of planning and development practices.

An important part of that protection involves providing professional and efficient customer service through the City’s Code Compliance Division. Our Code Officers are responsible for assuring all existing residential and non-residential structures and premises maintain the minimum requirements and standards established by the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code (adopted by the Dunwoody City Council).

The City receives many questions and requests about code matters, which can range from the ordinary to the unconventional. For example, code matters can pertain to “How tall can I build a shed?”, “Do I need a permit to add a new toilet in my home?”, “How tall can my grass be?”, or “Can I operate a business from my home?”

One issue that has been on citizens’ minds is “How do I report a potential code violation?” For instance, if you happen to notice grass is too tall on a particular property or a home is in disrepair/abandoned and you want to report the issue, we ask you to notify our Code Compliance Division.

The public's expectation is to see immediate results after a code complaint is filed; however, while some complaints can be resolved immediately, others may take more time. We treat every issue as a unique case and understand that certain contextual circumstances require a practical approach to attain compliance.

All of our employees within our Code Compliance Division serve the needs of residents, homeowners, and businesses. We strive to provide timely and efficient service –taking great pride in serving the community and helping keep Dunwoody a safe and special place to live, work, and play.

To submit a complaint, email or call 678-382-6890. Please leave the address or specific location of the issue you are contacting us about, a summary of the issue, and your contact information. A member of our team will respond to let you know your complaint has been logged and an investigation will ensue. Additional information might also be obtained in order to ensure a thorough analysis of the issue where the appropriate actions are taken in accordance with the code requirements. After the investigation, a code compliance official will contact you to let you know the status or resolution of your complaint. Please be aware that all complaints are subject to the Open Records Act; therefore, none are truly anonymous.


Common Code Compliance Issues during Spring/Summer:
  • Overgrown grass (10 inches in height or higher)
  • Neglected swimming pools, such as stagnant water and untended pools, which can result in health and/or safety issues

To report these and other issues, just give us a call.  We look forward to working with you!