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The Code Compliance Division of the Community Development Department is responsible for assuring that all existing residential and non-residential structures and all existing premises maintain minimum requirements and standards as set forth by the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code (as adopted by the Dunwoody City Council).

All issues involving criminal activity should be directed to the Dunwoody Police Department, at 678-382-6900. If you are calling in regard to an emergency that might result in immediate harm to yourself, others, or property, then please dial 911 immediately.

City Code Compliance Hotline
41 Perimeter Center East, Suite 250
Dunwoody, GA  30346
Phone: 678-382-6890
Fax: 770-396-4828
All building code questions should be directed to the City of Dunwoody Chief Building Official:

Jimmy Maloney, CBO, MCP


To report a code compliance issue inside Dunwoody's city limits, please contact our Code Compliance Hotline at or 678-382-6890.

Please have available the following:

  • Address or descriptive location of the compliance issue
  • Description of the non-compliant activity
  • Length of time you have been aware of the non-compliant activity
  • Any information regarding previous compliance actions taken by the City of Dunwoody or DeKalb County.
All complaints are public record, but you do not need to leave your name or contact information unless you wish to be contacted by our compliance official for follow-up information.