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The purpose of the City's Comprehensive Transportation Plan is to:

  • Identify transportation needs and appropriate strategies

  • Identify specific transportation-related actions to implement the goals of the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan

  • Define necessary transportation priorities, policies, projects and/or programs.

The plan’s guiding principles center around three core values: choice, connectivity, and community. Statements were developed for each core value to further provide guidance in the development of the plan, policies, and projects.


• Provide a transportation system that emphasizes choice by increased mobility for all users, increased connectivity, and increased health enrichment options

• View the street as a public space with the intent to serve multiple functions

• Provide for equal access by all users in transportation expenditures


• Create an integrated network of transportation facilities that connects people to where they want to go, both in the community and destinations near city limits

• Establish a maintenance and safety program that will enhance the existing system

• Prioritize multi-modal transportation options


• Enhance the Dunwoody community first and the Atlanta region second in transportation investments

• Provide opportunities for increased interaction within the community, increased recreational opportunities, and increased active living opportunities

The CTP seeks to provide a framework based on these principles to identify, prioritize, and implement policies and projects that will meet the specific needs of the City as identified in the Community Agenda of the Comprehensive Plan.

Based on the adopted Transportation Plan, Public Works has developed a 5-year work program to guide the City's capital budgeting each year.