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John Gates

Purchasing Manager

41 Perimeter Center East, Suite 250

Dunwoody, GA 30346

Phone: 678-382-6750
Fax: 678-533-0712

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    IWQ 12-01 Meals for City Events 

    RFQ 11-50 Urban Canopy Inventory and Assessment   RFQ 11-50 Responses

    RFP 11-12 Provision of Creative Services   RFP 11-12 Responses.pdf  Awarded to EOS Marketing and Communications, Inc.

    RFP 11-11 Parks and Right of Way Maintenance   RFP 11-11 Responses

    RFP 11-13 Seasonal Artificial Ice Skating Rink   RFP 11-13 Responses  CANCELED

    RFP 11-10 Public Works and Parks & Recreation Government Services Procurement   RFP 11-10 Responses  Award Info

    ITB 11-33 Happy Hollow and Valley View Sidewalk Construction  ITB 11-33 Responses   Award Info

    RFP 11-06 Design of Wayfinding System   RFP 11-06 Responses  Award Info

    ITB 11-32 Key Card System for NDCAA ITB 11-32 Bid Tab    Award Info

    RFP 11-09 Shade Structures at Brook Run Playground  RFP 11-09 Responses Awarded to ShadeNet


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