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Dunwoody Development Authority

The Dunwoody Development Authority (DDA) welcomes your interest in the City of Dunwoody, Georgia as a desirable location to build or relocate your business. The DDA is your connection to an array of economic development services that can help you close your deal in Dunwoody and Central Perimeter—one of the world’s most dynamic commercial real estate markets.

About the Authority

The Dunwoody Development Authority was created in 2009 by Georgia law and a resolution of the Dunwoody City Council as a special unit of government to stimulate diverse, high-quality economic development throughout the City. The DDA fulfills its mission primarily by providing taxable and tax-exempt bond financing opportunities.


2012 Schedule:

April 19, 2012         7:30pm

July 19, 2012           7:30pm

October 18, 2012    7:30 pm


Meetings are held at City Hall.

41 Perimeter Center East

Dunwoody, GA 30346



Robert Augustine, Chair
Bill Robinson, Vice Chair
Sarah Vabulas, Secretary
Jim Gaddis, Treasurer
Fred Brandt
Greg Killeen
Bill McCahan


About Development Authorities

Development Authorities, including the Dunwoody Development Authority were created by the Georgia General Assembly for the purpose of promoting trade, commerce, industry and employment opportunities for the public good. The Authority has the ability to package bond financing (which is not backed by the City or the Authority) for companies based on investment and job creation that include tax abatement structures.

A bond issue can be an important part of a total package of incentives, and may be a necessary vehicle for the use of some incentives. For example, there may be legal authority for the company to obtain a break in ad valorem taxes if the public body issuing the bonds takes title during the period a project is financed, although the company may be required to pay negotiated amounts in lieu of taxes.