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Volunteer Coordinating Committee
Jim Maloney, Chair

Mission Statement
The mission of the Volunteer Coordinating Committee is to respond to the civic needs of the City of Dunwoody, its residents, businesses and elected officials. We will accomplish our goals by promoting and facilitating volunteer involvement through partnership with nonprofit organizations, local merchants, government, places of worship, schools and individuals for personal and community enrichment. Imperative to our success is the establishment of a database of volunteers, or at least the identification of other committees with such a data base, acting as conduit through which volunteers are facilitated throughout the city for various event and projects.


Each of the 7 council members shall nominate a member for this committee to serve a one year minimum term. The Chair will report to the council at their request. Budget The committee will have no standing budget. Expenses will be approved by the City Council on an “as needed” basis.


Values & Vision
We, as Committee members, embrace the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct. Maintaining the public trust is a priority for representatives of the City of Dunwoody. To accomplish this we must be inventive, dependable, proactive and service-oriented. We must be mindful that we are not another layer of government being superimposed upon an existing volunteer committee.

“Yes, we can together!”