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Situated in close proximity to the Chattahoochee River, water quality and conservation are important issues for the Dunwoody community to consider. The water committee aims to educate the community so that people can make smart decisions regarding the most efficient way to reduce their water use. The committee also works to teach about our water system, and the fact that our storm drains are directly connected to local streams and rivers. This will be done throughout the year with workshops, excursions, and other opportunities for hands on learning about our local watershed.

Stream Buffer Educational Forum:

The Sustainability Committee held an educational forum the evening of June 28, 2012.  The meeting was well-attended, where residents and stakeholder came to learn about streams, buffers, and give input for the future regulations through the Zoning and Land Development Code Rewrite process.  Below you will find presentations from the presenters on the technical expert panel.


1 - Sustainability Commission Introduction Stream Buffer Agenda

2 - Rich Edinger - Stream Buffers in Dunwoody

3 - Frank Carubba - 2012 Dunwoody State Waters and Buffer Variances

4 - Jason Ulseth Importance of Stream Buffers