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The Sustainability Plan initiative is in the document review phase. 

Join the Sustainability Committee in reviewing excerpts from the Plan prior to its full compilation and adoption process before the Mayor and City Council.  The Sustainability Committee will serve as the sounding board for the plan, whereby the Committee will peruse the document and recommend changes to the current draft.  Individual category areas will be reviewed at the regularly scheduled Sustainability Committee meetings--the second Thursday of the month at 7:45 a.m.  Proposed changes will be incorporated into a final draft that will be reviewed by the Committee at the conclusion of the individual module reviews. 

Recommendations from each section will be incorporated into the draft and updated for the following meeting.  Aside from the February draft, the pages for review will be incorporated into the entire plan for the purpose of providing context, where the Committee will focus on the content from the identified pages and the changes made since the previous review (identified in red).  The pages relevant to review that month are identified in the document link below. 

The 2014 work schedule is as follows:

February 13:  Organizational Structure and Resource Conservation Document for Review

March 13:  Ecology, Biodiversity, & Public Health and Education & Outreach Full Draft Plan--Pages 16-21 for Review

April 10:  Synergies and Economic Prosperity

May 8:  Short Term Work Program

June 12:  Entire Plan

July and beyond:  Council adoption and implementation



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