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Living and Learning:

Smart Choices for a Smart Community

The Living and Learning program helps teach and inform community members how to make easy and enjoyable changes to have a more sustainable lifestyle. Each quarter will have a theme geared towards sustainable living as well as provide helpful information and resources. We will have at least one community event related to each quarterly theme, such as a recycling event or a stream monitoring workshop. Be sure to check back throughout the year as new resources and events are updated. Community input is welcome, and any questions or suggestions can be directed to

Current Program: Household Energy & Water Challenge (through May 2014)

The Dunwoody Sustainability Committee and City of Dunwoody Staff have spent the last several months working with the folks from local non-profit Greening Neighborhoods® to develop a customized energy and water saving program for our city. We are pleased to announce a competition where every participant wins - the Household Energy & Water Challenge. The Challenge is a quick and easy way to evaluate the energy and water you use and show you how to reduce your usage[and save money!].  Saving energy and water translates into resources saved for us all and more dollars in your budget.

Directions are below. Please note that a few big winners will get an additional upgrade kit with premium supplies, so pick up your free faucet water-saver retrofit kit and start the Challenge today!

This bag shows the contents of the free giveaway for those participating in the challenge, including foam covers for lightswitches and plugs, a CFL bulb, a faucet aerator, a "toilet tummy," a dish squeegee, and some leak detector tablets.


Energy & Water Saving Contest Directions

  1. (Optional Step) Pick up your FREE starter kit (pictured above) at City Hall (41 Perimeter East, Suite 250) Monday-Friday 8-5 or at Dunwoody United Methodist's office (1548 Mt Vernon Road) Monday-Friday 8.30-4.30. You may do step 2 before step 1 if you choose.
  2. Click here to fill out the household energy & water audit. This should take approximately half an hour to complete all categories.  You can leave boxes blank if you choose not to participate in certain categories and still submit.
  3. Use the tips provided on the audit and other water and energy saving ideas to make changes to your home.
  4. Fill out the energy & water audit again (Both the initial audit and the final audit must be filled out by 5-31-14 to be eligible for winning the contest).
  5. Winners, determined by who made the most improvements, will be contacted and receive a special energy & water saving gift pack.

For assistance with the audit, please contact

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2014 Quarterly Themes

1st Quarter: Water & Energy Conservation

2nd Quarter: Protecting Resources (Community Stream Clean-Up)

3rd Quarter: Transportation Choices (event TBA)

4th Quarter: Recycling (Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Recycling-event date TBA)