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The City of Dunwoody has a land area of over 13 square miles, accumulating approximately 50 inches of precipitation per year. As a result, the City may occasionally deal with stormwater runoff. The City is authorized by the Georgia Constitution to provide a stormwater collection and disposal system throughout Dunwoody.

Stormwater is described as runoff generated when precipitation from rain and snowmelt events flows over land or impervious surfaces and does not percolate into the ground.

All of this runoff eventually ends up in area ponds, lakes, reservoirs, or streams, which are all waters of the State. As areas undergo development, the amount of area covered in impervious surfaces (roofs, asphalt, concrete, etc) increase, directly contributing to an increase in both volume and rate of runoff. Much of this runoff is conveyed through a variety of man-made structures designed to carry runoff away from developed areas to prevent flooding.


Dunwoody Stormwater System

The City of Dunwoody is divided into nine watershed drainage basins.  The stormwater service area consists of 13.25 square miles, contains 10,289 structures, and 8,377 conveyances.  The inventory survey of the stormwater system was completed in May of 2011 and the average age of the system is 40 years. 


Stormwater Goals

  1. Implementing programs that provide an opportunity to improve the water quality in the City as well as meet the demands placed on the City by both state and federal requirements in order to stay in good standing with both of those agencies.

  2. Work with the public through outreach and education in order to protect the natural water resources of the City, and enhance the benefit of those resources throughout the community.


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