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Smart Infrastructure


The Perimeter Center Office District is undergoing rapid urbanization as it steadily transforms from a suburban office center into a mixed-use district. Market forces, large-scale infrastructure projects, and regional transportation investments are all contributing toward the continued growth of this market.

For the past decade, the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (PCIDs) and the Perimeter Transportation Coalition have amassed a significant track record of expediting improvements in traffic flow, pedestrian safety, and the availability of alternate modes of transportation. The PCIDs is a model public-private partnership comprised of self-taxing commercial property owners. Their investment has leveraged over $100 million over the past ten years to accelerate critical infrastructure projects.


Dunwoody thrives by partnering with organizations that share our mission to provide the highest quality of life for those who live, work, or play in our community and to foster an environment where businesses can prosper. This includes our unique partnership with the PCIDs to expedite improvements in transportation, pedestrian access, green space, and urban amenities that will improve the office markets long-term viability.


Ashford Dunwoody Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI)

The Ashford Dunwoody Diverging Diamond Interchange is a capacity and safety improvement project intended to assist in relieving the congestion along Ashford Dunwoody Road at I-285 without replacing the existing bridge. With an estimated 54,000 trips daily, this interchange is currently operating above capacity. The diverging diamond concept will use restriping, altered signal timing, improved turning conditions, and one reconstructed ramp to move traffic faster. This project will reduce congestion and accidents due to fewer traffic points of conflict, specifically left turns. The project will retain the existing Ashford Dunwoody bridge, saving significant costs while allowing for

future interchange improvements.


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