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Uniform Patrol Division

The largest division of the Dunwoody Police Department is the Uniform Patrol Division with twenty-nine officers, eight sergeants, and two lieutenants.

The Uniform Patrol Division is comprised of two twelve-hour shifts. The Day Shift patrols from 6am to 6pm and the Night Shift patrols from 6pm to 6am.

The primary responsibility of the Uniform Patrol Division is to answer calls for service, provide traffic safety enforcement, and provide proactive community patrols. The Uniform Patrol Division responds to calls for service throughout Dunwoody. When someone in the City of Dunwoody calls 911, their call is answered by ChatComm 911. The Dunwoody Police Department responds to a variety of calls for service in a typical day. The most common calls for service include accidents, false alarms and reports of criminal activity. It is the responsibility of the responding officers to initiate criminal investigations through observation and field interviews, make arrests of criminal suspects, and document their actions for further investigation by Detectives.

Traffic safety enforcement is paramount to creating a safe City of Dunwoody. Officers engage in traffic enforcement in areas where we have received complaints or where they have observed continuous violations. The typical complaints received and violations observed include speeding, running stop signs and driving under the influence. Our goal through enforcement and education is to raise awareness of these issues, reduce the violations and thereby make the roads of Dunwoody safe for all.

Dunwoody Officer with laptopLastly, proactive community patrols give each officer the opportunity to actively patrol the neighborhoods and business areas as a deterrent to crime. In addition, proactive community patrols encourage the continuous dialogue with the community which, ultimately, helps reduce crime in Dunwoody.

If you are interested in experiencing a Ride-Along with one of our officers, please visit our Ride-Along Program page for more information.


Day Shift Commander Lieutenant David Barnes

Lt. BarnesThe Day Shift Commander is Lieutenant David Barnes, who is responsible for the overall operations of the shift and the supervision of the assigned Sergeants and officers.


(678) 382-6903





Night Shift Commander Lieutenant Oliver Fladrich

Lt. Oliver FladrichThe Night Shift Commander is Lieutenant Oliver Fladrich, who is responsible for the overall operations of the shift and the supervision of the assigned Sergeants and officers.


(678) 382-6905