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Support Services Division

The Dunwoody Police Support Services Division assists in the daily operation of police support services.  The following units are included in the Support Services Division:

  • Community Outreach
  • Public Information Office
  • Training
  • Property and Evidence
  • Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC)
  • Police Service Representatives
Lieutenant Hegwood

Lt. William Hegwood oversees the Support Services division and can be reached at 678-382-6904 or william.hegwood@dunwoodyga.gov.

Community Outreach Unit

The Community Outreach Unit is responsible for establishing effective communication with the community through Neighborhood Watch and educational programs.  Through the Community Outreach Unit, we build partnerships with residents, schools and business owners to teach crime prevention and improve the overall quality of life.  You may contact our Community Outreach Officer Tim Fecht at 678-382-6917 or timothy.fecht@dunwoodyga.gov if you need any information on these programs. 

Public Information Office

The Public Information Office deals with disseminating accurate and timely information to the public and media.  Sgt. Mike Carlson and Officer Tim Fecht are the Public Information Officers.  Sgt. Mike Carlson is currently on Military Leave.  Officer Fecht may be contacted at: 678-382-6917 or timothy.fecht@dunwoodyga.gov

Training Unit 

The Training Unit is in charge of firearms qualification, in-service training, mandate training for sworn and non-sworn personnel, training records and case law updates.  Lt. William Hegwood oversees all training requirements.  He can be reached at 678-382-6904 or william.hegwood@dunwoodyga.gov.

Property and Evidence Unit

The Property and Evidence unit is responsible for recording, storing and maintaining all possessions that are brought into the department.  The Property and Evidence Technician coordinates evidence that needs to be processed, tested and sent to the crime lab.  If you have personal property that needs to be picked up, please contact Katharine Tate at 678-382-6918 or katharine.tate@dunwoodyga.gov to schedule an appointment. 

Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC)

The Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC) is designated to serve as a liaison between the agency head and the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) for CJIS network related matters.  The TAC is also responsible for assisting in managing CJIS network related operations to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations as well as establishing and enforcing agency policies and procedures related to the Georgia CJIS network. Robyn Smith can be reached directly at 678-382-6928 or robyn.smith@dunwoodyga.gov.

Police Service Representatives

The Police Service Representatives assist the general public in screening phone calls, obtaining reports and disseminating information as requested. They also assist with bonding, GCIC, and vehicle towing and impounds. You can reach the front desk at 678-382-6900, choose option 7.

DPD Support Services